About us

FLOX FIREWORKS, always in cooperation with Nanos Fireworks Greece, is the leading pyrotechnic, special effects and fireworks display company and supplier in Greece. A one century and 4 generations story.

We are a modern company that uses cutting edge technology in order to plan, design and produce pyrotechnic displays and special effects as artistic creations but also as results of technical study.

Our company offers aerial fireworks, indoor fireworks, special effects, confetti, glitter, cryogenics, streamers, flame generators, low fog machines, special effects machines, wedding fireworks in Santorini, Mykonos and in general, all over nearby Cyclades Islands. 

We handle corporate or public events, sport events, concerts, social events, festivals and of course wedding fireworks and events!

Our benefits are:

  • Highly-trained professionals dedicated to their jobs and strictly adhering to a Safety First policy
  • The highest level of insurance available and specialized insurance for waterborne displays
  • Technicians that live near you – permitting us to do smaller shows for local events, as well as some of the largest shows in the country

That has as a result the following:

  • World-class Show Design

FLOX FIREWORKS has world-class designers who develop the right experience for you. We include effects that support your event theme and the artistic use of colors and sound to delight the crowd, creating memories of an unmatched event.

  • Quality Fireworks

We could use cheaper pyrotechnics but we refuse to do that. The quality of our products contributes to our commitment to safety, the brightness of colors, the timing of the bursts and the overall intensity of the display.

  • Quality Equipment

Our equipment is state-of-the-art. It provides a significant margin of safety, the exact timing a highly choreographed display requires, and the flexibility to produce a display almost anywhere in the world.

  • Event Planning Experts

You may be dealing with a lot for your event, but when it comes to planning for fireworks, FLOX FIREWORKS gives you peace of mind. We are professional pyrotechnic event planners focused on one goal – giving you the best with the fewest hassles.